Donegal to upset odds and beat Mayo

The Tirconaill View

untitled (5)Donegal to upset the odds and beat Mayo

By John O’Hara

On Saturday evening at 6 p.m. Donegal will do battle with Mayo for the third time in four years. The last two battles have been evenly split, but Donegal’s win in 2012 yielded the Sam Maguire, while Mayo have been on fruitless search for the promised land for the past 54 years. The second encounter saw Mayo rip apart the reigning champions in the quarter-final of 2013, so Saturday’s duel promises to be a mouth-watering clash, which could ignite this lacklustre championship campaign.

The bookies will be siding heavily with Mayo, given their rout of Sligo in uncompromising fashion in the provincial final, but some analysts are pointing to the fact that Mayo have yet to be tested in their two games so far in this championship. Donegal on the other hand are facing into their sixth competitive championship…

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